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princess area rug

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  • (Area Rugs) "Medium-sized rugs are ideal just about anywhere in your home or office. Whether you want to place them as an accent, or display them as a centerpiece, these rugs can meet any decorating need."

  • A rug that covers only a part of a floor in a room

  • a rug that only covers part of the floor of a room; a carpet

  • (Area Rugs) Rugs are also woven or felted from fibers, but are smaller than the room in which they are located, have a finished edge, and usually lie over another finished floor such as wood flooring.

  • A close female relative of monarch, esp. a son's daughter

  • The wife or widow of a prince

  • a female member of a royal family other than the queen (especially the daughter of a sovereign)

  • Princess is a 2006 adult-themed Danish animated film directed by Anders Morgenthaler and co-written by Morgenthaler and Mette Heeno.

  • The daughter of a monarch

  • Princess is the feminine form of prince (from Latin princeps, meaning citizen). Most often, the term has been used for the consort of a prince, or his daughters.



Sl is being nasty at the moment so I decided to gussy up some of my already uploaded photos. This is a photo edited version of "Orkuport" in which I made it into a look-alike of the portrait i had envisioned in my story "The Curse of Kidd: a Bloody History". While I'm at it, I might as well make a collection of these of each described in my story. Along with that, I'll be posting the story along with each portrait. A new Picture means a new chapter, so keep updated! here is the intro:

The Curse of Kidd: a Bloody History


It was late...I couldn't sleep after the bitter fight the princess and I had. I dressed, traipsing the castle in the pale glow of the moon. I occasionally looked out the window to look at it, seeing the pale glow my mother's skin radiates when hit by the sun in the early morning...The craters even seemed to form her smiling face. I would have gone to her chambers as I sometimes do when I need her guidance and her delicate fingers combing through my silky fur, however, her health has been deteriorating as of late. Any restful sleep she can get is a step toward recovery...or at least alleviate some of the stress from her body. So, I simply walked by her chamber door, pausing for a few brief moments to gaze at the door and hold a paw over my heart, lowering my gaze to the floor whispering a tiny prayer and moved on. I continued down into the open and airy chapel, the autumn air was cold and restless, penetrating my soft white fur as I made my way toward the altar and sat in one of the front pews slumped over, my head resting on my paw, and my elbow on my leg for support. I gazed sullenly at the place where the princess and I once sat, hands interlaced...when we were in love. I thought of the dragon's heart that I held and mine in his hands. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt the princess' heart...but love is a cruel game, and when there are 3, only two can win. I closed my eyes and whispered his name to myself like it was a prayer and stood up to leave when I noticed something peculiar that I had not seen before. One of the small white side altars was propped back slightly. My brow folded and I walked toward it slowly and attempted to push it back in place with a small tap. However, such was not the cause. I tried in vain to push it downward after checking for rocks or a rug caught under it. This frustration combined with all the stresses of the day passed sent me into a fury, and with one sharp push, I slammed it to the floor. What happened next still leaves me breathless from fear and nervous excitement. Suddenly a loud rumble caught my attention as the thrones on the chapel sank along with the area around it. With another loud bang, the sinking throne altar stopped grinding and sat there...a dark passage beyond it. I was terrified and wanted to get my mother to see this right away, yet, I wanted to be the first to explore it. Uttering a simple magic charm, I summoned a ball of soft golden light to my paw and journeyed inward to the dark recesses of the tunnel before me. Although tattered and faded, the floor of the long corridor was lined with a red carpet...this was obviously a used chamber long, long ago. Portraits hung on the walls...familiar faces from Kidd's history which I had seen before. I kept my cautious pace and within only a few minutes I reached a set of sturdy lacquered oaken doors, obviously made to last decades (which it appears they did). I carefully placed a paw on one of the metal handles and with a loud and thunderous creek, opened the door and stepped into a dark room. The room was cylindrical in shape and large. I noticed several candle-holders present and so, diffusing my light aura, I summoned my magical candles and sent one to each holder, fitting each snugly. My eyes nearly popped from my head when I saw the walls with portraits of what looked like the current royal court and family. On the opposite end of the room was a massive picture of my mother's ancestor, Amma Kidd. It was as if she had posed for it herself. The likeness was frightening. I gazed to other pictures on the walls to find labeled portraits of Princess Mimas, the Dragon Guard Teku, and terrifyingly enough......the first court magician in exact look-alike to myself named Orku. Some pictures were burned...and others slashed with what appears to be a sword. I approached the slashed picture, inspecting it cautiously to find the Court Magician and the Princess, a smiling couple, fingers interlocked. My heart jolted. Memories flashed back from the weeks passed and the pictures almost seemed to reflect the sorrow and anguish the royal family was facing at present. I spun around and there in the middle of the room, on a cobwebbed pedestal, was a ancient tome of knowledge. I walked over to it and gingerly peeled the cobwebs away from the cover to open it. As I did, the smell of damp and moldy parchment filled my nostrils. It was written

The (Edible) Princess Bride

The (Edible) Princess Bride

This was our first attempt at gingerbread portraits. To celebrate an outdoor screening of "The Princess Bride" (unfortunately rained out by a torrential storm), we rendered a number of the principal characters.

From left to right, they are Miracle Max, Princess Buttercup, Inigo Montoya, Vizzini, Wesley and Fezzik. The fruit bowl provides a scale reference that indicates the three bunnies are indeed "Rodents of Unusual Size".

princess area rug

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